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On 5/30/18 8:02 AM, Doug Henwood wrote:

> haha this list is almost dead, except for a couple of posts featuring Andrew Kliman!

A blast from the archives, nearly 20 years ago. Hindsight, eh?



Subject: negatives From: Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com Date: Wed Nov 10 06:37:30 PST 1999

Just when you're about to despair at the state of American politics, some cheering news. From today's New York Times:

>The nation's political wild card, the Reform Party, has a strongly

>negative image. Fifty-three percent have an unfavorable view, 26

>percent a favorable opinion, and 21 percent no opinion.


>Nor are its potential presidential candidates highly regarded.

>Patrick J. Buchanan draws 6 percent of the vote if matched against

>Bush and either Gore or Bradley. In both matchups, Buchanan takes

>votes mainly from Bush and narrows Bush's lead over the Democrat.


>Buchanan is viewed unfavorably by 54 percent of the voters, and

>favorably by 10 percent.


>But that is not nearly as negative as the view held about Donald J.

>Trump, the New York real estate magnate who has just joined the

>Reform Party and says he will seek its nomination if he believes he

>can win the presidency. Just 7 percent of Americans have a favorable

>view and 70 percent an unfavorable opinion. That is the highest

>unfavorable view ever recorded by a Times/CBS News Poll.

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